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Higher Concentration Of Trace Elements Found In Bone Cancer

Higher Concentration of Trace Elements Found In Bone Cancer Published: 21 July 2014 Researchers from the MedUni Vienna, the Vienna Technical University and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute have investigated the distribution of trace elements in the tissue of bone tumors….


Parasite found in cat poo shows promise in cancer treatment

Parasite found in cat poo shows promise in cancer treatment Published: 15 July 2014 Toxoplasma gondii, a microscopic organism native to cats shows promise in treating cancer. Mutated strain of T. gondii has been found to reprogram the natural power…


Vitamin D Boosts Bowel Cancer Survival

Vitamin D Boosts Bowel Cancer Survival Published: 11 July 2014 A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that bowel cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are more likely to survive the…

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A New Way To Kill Leukaemia Cells

A “game-changing” discovery of a new way to kill leukaemia cells is the first major breakthrough at the $200 million South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). SAHMRI and the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Personalised Cancer Medicine, made…

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Breast Cancer Link To Red Meat Scepticism

Scepticism greets new breast cancer research findings … Professor Valerie Beral, director of the cancer epidemiology unit at Oxford University, and leader of the Million Women’s Study into the causes of the disease, said there could be little confidence in dietary-based…


Global Cancer News

Want up-to-date Cancer News? Here’s your online resource for Global Cancer News and Information. We offer resources on various issues for people diagnosed with cancer and family members with cancer. Green tea component upsets cancer cell metabolism A new study…