Innovations in Cancer Research

Understanding and treating cancer is extremely difficult because no two cancers are alike. This is why there are innovations in cancer research to strive to study the history of more than one cancer patient and take into account the myriad of factors the patient  encounters to determine treatment. In some ways cancer is still the undetermined mysterious condition because it can be any of hundreds of diseases

Science is swiftly bridging the gap, There are studies that led to more in depth comprehension of how diet works and how biology plays a part in cancer cell growth. That it could be the key to preventing some forms of cancer. That the immune system can be used to slow down cancer cell. Time brought in new breakthroughs and discoveries as over a thousand medicine and vaccines are in clinical trials; some of which are already awaiting review with the goal of eradicating cancer. These will bring on a new series of immunotherapies targeting various cancers (breast, leukemia, lung, brain and others)

Some of the recent development have included innovative approaches to treatment

Adoptive Cell Therapy – The immune cells of the individual is genetically augmented and transformed to potentially eliminate the disease. This ‘living drug’ like the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy (CAR-T) that was approved in 2017 by the FDA for use to patients suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.