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Cancer Clusters

Cancer of the Ear

  Cancer of the ear refers to malignancy of the ear or abnormal growth of cells in the ear; it can be benign or malignant. Cancer of the ear is a rare cancer – it usually begin as skin cancer…

Spinal cord tumours

Cancer Of The Spine: Spinal Cord Tumours

The nervous system is composed of the brain, spinal cord and a network of nerves which control the functions and senses of the body. Nerve impulses travel up or down the spinal cord to communicate between the brain and the…

Cancer Clusters

Cancer in Ireland

The most common cancer in Ireland Breast cancer in women with 32% of the total. Prostate cancer in men with 31%. Both sexes – colorectal/bowel cancer 11% and lung cancer 11% Commonest cause of cancer death in both sexes –…


Corporate Sponsorship Of Anti-Cancer Projects: Pathways Forward

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Australia after cardiovascular disease. The estimated number of death due to cancer in 2015 is 46, 570 and it is projected to increase this year. The most common cancers in Australia…


Can You Sue Your Doctor For Failing To Diagnose Cancer?

Cancer is the second-most common cause of death in Australia. Cancer accounted for about 3 in 10 deaths. More than 19,000 people die each year from cancer than 30 years ago. This year an estimated 130,470 new cases will be…


Recent Celebrity Deaths Due To Cancer

Cancer is a disease that claimed millions of people every year. It strikes indiscriminately regardless of how much money or fame you possess. Cancer has already claimed the lives of many famous actors, musicians and other celebrities in 2016. Here’s…


Cancer In The Family Can Lead To Debt & Financial Ruin

Cancer diagnosis in the family has a huge economic impact. For families with children diagnosed with cancer is an enormous financial strain. One of the parents must leave their job to care for the sick child. To make it worst…


Horse Cancer: Any Medical Clues For Us Humans?

Breast, ovarian, prostate and skin cancer is becoming prevalent in humans. Do they occur in horses too? Cancer isn’t diagnosed as frequently in horses as it is in humans but horses don’t show immunity to breast, ovarian, prostate and skin…


Australia adds new breast and lung cancer drugs to PBS funding

Australia adds new breast and lung cancer drugs to PBS funding Published: 01 July 2015 Minister for Health Sussan Ley has announced that breast and lung Cancer patients will have affordable access to life-changing medicines that normally cost up to…


Cleaning Chemicals & the Cancer Risk

Women with spic and span homes could be twice as likely to get breast cancer. A study found a potential link between the use of cleaning chemicals and breast cancer risk. We clean our house to keep it free from…