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cancer and poverty

The Link between Cancer and Poverty

Poverty has a huge impact on cancer and it contributes to an increase in cancer incidence and mortality. Overcoming the combined problem of poverty and cancer has been particularly difficult and although there are fewer deaths due to advancements in…

cancer cells

Cancers of Excess: Smoking, Drinking, Overeating and Sex

Balance is always a good thing. Ideally, in life, everything should all be in moderation but that can be a difficult thing especially with all the temptations we have around us. Too much of anything can make us unhealthy. The…

abortion linked to breast cancer

Abortion’s Link to Breast Cancer

  The association between abortion and breast cancer has been an on-going issue for many years, proving to be a very challenging area to study. Scientists and medical experts have done an extensive research on this matter and the exploration…