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Kimmel Researchers Develop Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine

  Global Cancer News: 23 June 2014 Kimmel Cancer Center Researchers Develop Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Published: 23 June 2014 Johns Hopkins University Kimmel Cancer Center’s Researchers have developed a vaccine that “reprograms” pancreatic tumor cells to mount an immune response…


Doc Neeson Dies of Brain Tumour

The Angels’ Doc Neeson, 67, dies … 4 June 2014 The Angels’ frontman and Australian rock icon Bernard Patrick “Doc” Neeson has died at age 67, just 17 months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The singer’s Facebook Page…


Global Cancer News

Want up-to-date Cancer News? Here’s your online resource for Global Cancer News and Information. We offer resources on various issues for people diagnosed with cancer and family members with cancer. Green tea component upsets cancer cell metabolism A new study…