Rubbish removal can save your life


Rubbish is everything in excess of what you need. Lots of rubbish comes from homes, like food scraps, paper, plastic, bottles, clothing, bedding, old rugs and things that you don’t want any more. Rubbish buildup causes the development of infections and diseases. If rubbish is not properly disposed it will become a major environmental health issue because it can be toxic and can cause injury, illness, cancer and even death.

If rubbish are left lying around the house and on the ground particularly in damp warm weather it will rot and emit toxic chemicals in the air. Unwanted household equipment, paper products, plastics, clothes and plant material and other household rubbish like this should not be left lying around.

Dangerous home-based causes of disease found in rubbish:
Dust – organic and inorganic particles that collects in the home especially if there is a rubbish buildup. Dust contains toxic compounds that can lead to sneezing and other pulmonary ailments.
Toxic chemical solutions – toxic residues from detergents, harsh chemicals and toilet bowl cleaners. Most of the substances in these products have been linked to reproductive problems, damage to central nervous system and cancer.
Gases – like radon are the number two cause of cancer – lung cancer. It comes from the soil, rock and building materials.
Phthalates – commonly found in plastics and personal care products like hair spray, perfume and nail polish. National Institutes of Health says it’s “reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogen.”
Pests – flies, mice and other pest breeds in rubbish. Mice spread Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and leptospirosis.
Mold – damp condition can encourage the growth and spread of mold. When molds grow on walls and paper products in your home, portions of it are transferred in the air and causes allergic reaction, asthma and other immunologic effects.
Asbestos – produces microscopic fibers, that when inhaled into the lungs can cause asbestosis (scarring of the lung tissue), lung cancer and another cancer called mesothelioma. Many Asbestos products found in the home include roofing and flooring materials, and insulation for ceilings, walls, pipes and heating equipment.

Inadequate rubbish removal can cause diseases like:
Bacterial diseases – salmonellosis, shigellosis, staphyloccal food poisoning, skin infections, tetanus.
Viral diseases – trachoma, hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, Murray Valley encephalitis, Ross River virus disease.
Parasitic diseases – hookworm, threadworm, roundworm.

Rubbish buildup causes the development of infectious diseases, if not treated quickly can lead to death. These diseases are frequent in people who are in places where there is very close accumulation of rubbish. Germs and parasites can be transmitted from rubbish to people directly and indirectly. If rubbish is left lying around flies, cockroaches and other insects can carry disease causing germs and transfer it to people.

But these diseases can be avoided if the whole family will only follow hygiene practice. Maintain cleanliness at home and keep the pets clean. Rubbish removal companies are also important for removing rubbish; without them waste accumulates and can quickly become a health hazard. Proper rubbish removal can save your life by preventing the spread of disease.