Entertainment For Children with Cancer

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Most parents want the best for their children. Best toys, best education, if they can buy the best life, they would. But sometimes life happens, some children get sick and you end up holding a different kind of bag. And a different kind of kid. But children are still children. They need the same things every child needs. Perhaps even more. One thing they don’t need more of is the reminder that they are sick. Most would like to be treated like ordinary kids.


One sure way to do that is to entertain them. Check with local hospitals for their rules and guidelines. Although most hospitals encourage some form of entertainment that encourages interaction and a relief from worries making the child forget that they have cancer.

Get them busy – the surest way is finding something their little hands can be busy with. Make DIY jewelry, crochet, cross stitch or paper curtains to decorate their hospital room. Make it colourful and vibrant to chase the gloom away. Dioramas ang lego representation of where they would like to go next once they are better are a good choice for boys. Also suggest where they would like their next adventure to be and make a story about that.

Puppet play or a marionette show – Engage the children to create the stage and the props for a marionette show. They can be done individually and glued together before the actual program. The play could be anything. Like the one from The Sound of Music’s lonely goatherd or a script of your own making.

Introduce film making – with today’s technology almost anything is possible. You could already make videos on your phone, why not take it a step further and make a mini movie out of it. It just needs a bit of script, a green screen, some creative thinking and you’re all set. It doesn’t have to be very long or very involved. It will teach collaboration, creativity and some semblance of magic as the background gets to be anything they decide.


Since their little bodies can be limited in playing really physical things, let their minds to the wandering and exploring. Maybe this will take their minds off their own little worries and give them something to look forward to and plan ahead doing.