The Rest Of Your Body Can Be Harmed By Poor Oral Health

oral health

Oral health is a state in which an individual is free of mouth infection, tooth cavities among other diseases which affect the mouth, thereby limiting their ability to chew, bite smile, or speak comfortably. Poor oral hygiene is likely to result to many of these infections, and thus root canal treatment specialists recommend that people should brush their teeth at least twice daily to rid of bad breath as well as contraction of possible diseases and infections. Oral health is as well necessary to ensure the rest of the body remains healthy considering our mouths are the primary entrances to our bodies. Bacteria from the mouth can, therefore, be easily washed down and find their way into the bloodstreams leading to infection of other areas of the body. Poor dental health can, therefore, affect various parts of the body in ways such as;

Rheumatoid arthritis – individuals who have gum diseases were classified to be very likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis with the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. Inflammation is a common symptom for both diseases; however, the gingivitis bacteria, if it finds its way to the blood vessels, will additionally increase inflammation in various places of the body which increases the risk for getting Rheumatoid arthritis.

Cardiovascular problems- root canal treatment specialists have proven that there are risks of heart complications due to lack of proper hygiene in the mouth. According to these specialists, the periodontal bacteria which makes gums to be inflamed can find its way into the bloodstreams. These bacteria will lead to the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels (arteries), exposing the subjects to risks of a cardiac arrest.

Respiratory infections- the nose and mouth of a human being are connected via the nasal cavity and hence, the reason why you can breathe through the mouth or nose. The bacteria can, therefore, be breathed from the mouth to the lungs of an infected person. After that, complications as a result of these bacteria will start to manifest, leading to respiratory infections such as acute bronchitis among others.

Dementia- dementia includes conditions of the brain, which are characterized by impairments such as memory losses, communication, etc. According to various root canal treatment specialists, inflamed gums release certain substances which kill brain cells resulting in the loss of memory. Gingivitis can lead to dementia when the bacteria access the bloodstream of the person in question.

Erectile dysfunction- there is a risk of men developing difficulty in erection due to reasons which result from mouth infections. When bacteria which is found in the mouth get into the bloodstreams, there is a possibility of making the bloodstreams inflamed. Erections require the flow of blood into the penis for it to happen; however, the blood vessels inflammation induced by the bacteria, hinders the smooth flow of blood into the genitals making it impossible to have an erection.

Diabetes- people with diabetes easily contract oral infections i.e., gum infections that consequentially lead to periodontal diseases which make diabetes very hard to control. Individuals who have terrible oral health also have a risk of developing diabetes and therefore is advisable to try and make a habit of regularly maintaining one’s oral hygiene.