Vacation Care Activities for Children with Cancer

Vacation Care Activities

Vacation care activities for children with cancer can be a little daunting to set up. We have to consider the child’s physical health. We also have to consider the niceties and sensibilities of the family. Some families will not let the child do anything too strenuous. Some would let their child do stuff so that they can experience it first hand. Just on the event something makes them unable to do it after that day.

For a cancer diagnosed child, life can drastically change. Even if the child has been sickly prior to diagnosis, confirming it still has a greater impact. This affects the people around. More so it seems, they can be protective and hovering. This would greatly limit the already limited things that this child can do. For the child, this can be a very trying time. Fear, anxiety and confusion may be the immediate reactions to this news. The next few weeks are not going to be reassuring. Hospital stays, procedures, laboratories and tests and the myriad of doctors and specialists appointments is sure to throw off the kids equilibrium. A break would be the best thing to do. Arranging vacation care activities for children with cancer will remind us the pleasures of a child’s laughter. 

The huge weight of what they are going through would deter anyone. Much more a child. But as children would often be, they would still seek out adventures, want to try new things and would need an outlet to express what he can’t.

Dancing and climbing things would automatically be out. Doctor’s permission would be needed if it is going to be exhausting or physically demanding to the patient. Kids activities that do not need much movement like a magic show. This can spark an interest and be something they can aspire to studying in the meantime. Singing and making a video cover of some songs and have their own video channel where their friends can go watch and listen. Create things from clay, from paper, designing stuff, drawing, painting. Drum sessions, science shows, the circus or gardening without the heavy lifting are great ideas.

A child with limited means does not always have a limited imagination. They would actually have more time dreaming up things that they would do once they are cancer-free. Giving them a glimpse of what can be available to them is a great incentive boost for them to get well.