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Cancer News is an independent editorial exploration of the phenomenon of cancer & a catalogue of humankind's initiatives to transcend it individually and collectively. Email us with any news which we can consider for publication.
Oral Health

The Rest Of Your Body Can Be Harmed By Poor Oral Health

Oral health is a state in which an individual is free of mouth infection, tooth cavities among other diseases which affect the mouth, thereby limiting their ability to chew, bite smile, or speak comfortably. Poor oral hygiene is likely to…


Cancer Lurking in Beauty Products

Daily hygiene is important to have a healthy life.  Taking a bath, brushing teeth, daily routines that can directly affect your health not to mention your self-esteem. They are good habits like good manners that is taught since childhood in…

Bowel Cancer In Australia

Bowel Cancer In Australia To Rise 60% by 2035

A global study just published in the International Journal of Cancer on Wednesday forecasts that the death rates from rectal cancer will increase in Australia by almost 60 per cent in the next 16 years. The study showed a prediction…

New Cancer Treatment Strategy Recognises the Body’s Own Defences

A new cancer treatment breakthrough has been built around the strategy of recognising the body’s own immune defences, with a little help from some transplanted immune cells from an external source. It is a major rethink on fighting cancer, because,…

cancer innovations

Innovations in Cancer Research

Understanding and treating cancer is extremely difficult because no two cancers are alike. This is why there are innovations in cancer research to strive to study the history of more than one cancer patient and take into account the myriad…

Jarrod Lyle Dies Aged 36 from Leukaemia

World class Australian golfer, Jarrod Lyle, has died after a lengthy battle with leukaemia. This morning, at the USPGA tournament, Aussie golfers wore their hearts on their sleeves and yellow ribbons on their hats in honour of Lyle’s passing. In…