Cancer Lurking in Beauty Products

Daily hygiene is important to have a healthy life.  Taking a bath, brushing teeth, daily routines that can directly affect your health not to mention your self-esteem. They are good habits like good manners that is taught since childhood in the hopes that it will keep one clean, presentable and healthy. Neglect these and you are almost certainly inviting illness and disease.

Children should be started with washing hands, taking showers or regular baths and tooth brushing at least twice a day. This level of basic hygiene gradually change as we grow old. Personal hygiene is mostly achieved by using personal care products. These products compete with each other and to be really effective, safe ingredients are sometimes abandoned for more fast-acting, oftentimes toxic alternatives.

Some cosmetics and personal care products contain chemicals that have endocrine disruptors interfering with the natural systems and hormones that can cause cancerous tumors. Some minor concerns of these ingredients also include skin irritation and irritability. Most studies and research states that even certain makeup ingredients can be toxic  and cause pregnancy problems. These include parabens, formaldehyde and other such ingredients that can eventually cause more harm than good. Cosmetic companies are also under fire for animal testing and suffering cruelties in the name of human beauty, a very inhumane way of doing business.

Gradually these are being regulated and replaced with safer elements. Along with it is a growing interest and movement towards cruelty-free makeup brands and products. This is a good step to cleanliness, beauty without harm, a kinder way to be healthy.
Supporting these cruelty-free companies pushes for more alternative methods that can lead to cheaper, safer and more effective consumer products. These enable companies to more and better efforts to not merely produce products to sell but develop innovative scientific and ethical products.